YOHO – You Only Hang Once

YOHO (You only Hang Once) is the quick and dirty card game where memory, ruthlessness, and luck are the keys to pirate glory.

You are returning from the high seas with a fortune, but your stolen treasure has gone missing! No one can be trusted on this ship of thieves! Can you dodge the blame, frame one of your crewmates and keep the treasure for yourself?

Five infamous pirates make up the ship’s crew. Up to four can be taken by players. Your pirate card is double-sided – be ye loyal to the current Captain, or be ye a dirty rebel?

Born: 1697, Ireland
Fate: Unknown

Bored with married life, Anne ran off to sea with Jack Rackham to forge her own destiny as a pirate. Deadly and direct, she’s a natural survivor who loves to get stuck into a fight. After escaping the hangman’s noose, her fate remains a mystery.

Born: 1680, England
Fate: Died in battle, 1718

Edward Teach, better known by his nom de guerre, is a legend among pirates and feared throughout the Caribbean. He cultivates a reputation as a monster but is actually quite nice when you get to know him.

Born: 1680, England
Fate: Hanged, 1721

A born rogue and true believer in the pirate life, Charles Vane was one of the founders of the Pirate Republic in Nassau. He has a reputation for brutality and dishonesty – even among pirates!


Born: 1682, England
Fate: Hanged, 1720

John ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham is a brigand with style. He has unfinished business with Charles Vane who he deposed as Captain of the Ranger. A Jack of many dubious trades – he even designed our pirate flag!

Born: 1685, England
Fate: Died in prison, 1720

Disguising herself as a man and going by the name ‘Mark’, Read’s seagoing career is truly impressive – she served with the British Military before becoming a privateer and then a full-blown pirate!

Each pirate has a job to do. But things at sea are… fluid. A bit of malicious gossip can get your crewmates demoted and improve your standing. However, if you want to take the top job, you’ll have to start a mutiny!

With great power comes the certainty that someone will try to take you down. You must win the crew’s loyalty if you want the swindle them!

Being the Captain’s confidant and the crew’s representative gives you influence. Will you use it to lead a mutiny or acquire the stolen treasure?

You maintain discipline and relay the Captain’s orders to the crew. Maybe you could do a better job running this ship?

Someone has to do the hard work. No one suspects a dogsbody, so you can sneak off with the treasure while everyone else plays politics.

You’ve done something to make the Captain dislike you. But don’t wallow in self-pity – scum always rises to the top!

Suspicion quickly piles up; can you even remember which cards have been played? Cards that match your current Rank will incriminate you – so you’d better bury them or dump them on some other poor lubber!

Plunder is normally divided among the crew, but this treasure is too good to share! Once you’ve found it, you need to keep it or, better still, bury it!

When a violent tempest rips through the ship, you can use the confusion to your advantage.

A desert island is the perfect place to bury your precious booty, or dirty secrets.



Slander and lies will make the Captain think badly of a crewmate and take them down a peg.

Sow dissent among the crew to change their loyalty. Is a mutiny brewing?

Play this right, and you’ll heap a pile of blame on someone. Play it wrong, and you’ll be sorry!

While the course is Port things are better for the Captain and his loyal crew. If it goes Starboard, things can get a bit… rebellious!


Challenge your crew to the card game of mutiny and high seas skulduggery, and swindle your way to glory!

  • Pirate card game
  • 2 to 4 players
  • 10+ years
  • 10 to 30 minutes
  • Contains rules and 55 cards

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