The cure for a broken heart is... Revenge

Jane Austen’s Revenge is an expansion for Jane Austen’s Matchmaker Chapter Two. Nothing spices up a good romance like a dash of bitterness and betrayal.

As one of Society’s premier matchmakers, your goal remains the same – to gain the most Prestige – but you must also settle scores with your rivals to finish the game holding as few Grudges as possible.

Grudge cards

Each player starts the game with 2 Grudge cards. During play you draw Grudge cards whenever someone does something to vex you – such as declining your proposal. Grudge cards can be played during the game to hurt your rivals. Each Grudge card in your hand subtracts 5 Prestige from your final score. So getting even is always preferable to staying mad.

Change of Heart

Fanny has a dark secret. She’s been taking instruction from Mrs Norris and sold her soul to make a fortune. 

A Change of Heart card can be played when you propose a match to alter two of your character’s Traits – making one better and the other worse.


Some grudges can only be settled with a Duel

In polite society this may mean a war of words, a sword fight, pistols at dawn, or even a horse race!


Unexpected happenings ripple through society.

Turmoil cards potentially affect everyone but, if played cleverly, can mitigate the effects on your characters while making your rivals suffer.

Lady Susan

A marriage to the beautiful and capricious Lady Susan is apt to be short and vexatious.

A quick divorce later, and she’s back in the game!


If things aren’t going your way, you can ask an influential patron to change your luck!

If you roll the Trait on the card you may change it to your patron’s preferred Trait instead.

Jane Austen’s Revenge – A darkly vindictive expansion for Jane Austen’s Matchmaker Chapter Two. 

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