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Jane Austen's Matchmaker

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Type: Tabletop Card Game
Contains: 56 beautifully illustrated cards
Game Time: Approx 30 minutes
For: 3-6 Players

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Matchmaker is a sociable card game for 3 to 6 players, featuring characters from the works of Jane Austen.

In this beautifully illustrated deck of cards you'll meet her heroes and heroines, along with scoundrels and schemers and a few hopeless cases.

All of them need your help to find their future spouse.

Jane Austen Matchmaker Characters

As a matchmaker, you must find the best connections for your ladies and gentlemen. Sometimes they’ll marry for money, sometimes for love. Wealth will give you an advantage over your rivals but you must find lasting happiness to win. Beware of charmers who offer nothing but a smile, and look out for superior characters like Mr Darcy, who possess wealth and virtue.

You don't have to be familiar with Jane Austen's novels to enjoy the game, but if you are a fan, you're sure to enjoy recreating your favourite romantic adventures. Of course you can rewrite the stories entirely, as characters cross over from the pages of their novels. Imagine Mr Darcy proposing to Emma Woodhouse or the scandalous Willoughby eloping with Fanny Price!

In Matchmaker, love is always on the cards.

Jane Austen's Matchmaker in play