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Jane Austen's Matchmaker: Chapter Two

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Type: Tabletop Card Game
Contains: 88 beautifully illustrated cards, tokens, dice & rulebook
Game Time: 20-45 Minutes
For: 2-4 Players

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For Love or Money?

In Matchmaker, you take characters under your wing and try to find them suitable partners. Some characters want to fall hopelessly in love but others are more pragmatic - or just plain mercenary!

Gameplay of JAM 2

You'll discover your characters’ motives with the roll of a dice. Each character has a preference which makes them more likely to prefer a particular ‘trait’ - Charm, Virtue, Rank or Fortune.

Making a suitable match – for example marrying one of your gold-diggers to a rich suitor – will earn you more prestige. The player who earns the most prestige wins the game.

Play Host at Pemberley

You can gain even more prestige by earning the approval of patrons. Mrs Norris only approves of people with a good fortune whereas Lady Bertram is more impressed by charm.

Jane Austen Matchmaker Cards

In addition to making matches, you can invite characters to prestigious residences to boost your prestige still further. Make sure you invite the right sort of guest, they don't approve of riffraff at Mansfield Park!

The Rules of Engagement

Jane Austen's Matchmaker: Chapter Two is easy to learn & fun to play. To give you an insight, we have created a short video on accepting or declining a proposal. 

Additionally, we have uploaded a low-resolution PDF of the rulebook online.

JAM2 Matchmaker Chapter Two Rulebook


Now with head-to-head play

The original Matchmaker card game was intended for social play (3 or more players) but after receiving many requests for a 2-player variant, we designed Jane Austen's Matchmaker: Chapter 2 with this in mind.

Whether you play head to head or with up to three other players, you must assess each proposal and your chances of coming out on top, before you accept or decline.

Jane Austens Matchmaker Chapter Two

Inspiration for the game

"I first read Jane Austen’s novels while living in Hampshire, not far from the village of Chawton where she grew up. The sheer number of colourful characters who were looking to tie the knot while navigating the obstacles of polite society seemed like a game, so I felt compelled to make one!

Rather than focus on a single novel, I thought it might be fun to have all the characters in the same world, where they could meet up, and maybe even hook up. What would the formidable Mr Darcy make of the equally formidable Emma Woodhouse? Imagine if they got married and Mr Knightley went off with Fanny Price! And so Jane Austen’s Matchmaker was born." 

Richard Wolfrik Galland 
Creator of Jane Austen's Matchmaker

What's in the box

27 Gentleman Cards
27 Lady Cards
34 Influence Cards
2 Matchmaker Dice
56 Prestige Tokens
16 Page colour illustrated Rule Book