November update: Playtesting & Preparation

As we approach the last month of autumn, we finally have a legitimate reason to act like zombies before preparing for the winter festivities.
It’s not just the seasons that are changing – things are afoot here at Sabrewolf Games too.
We’ve made some major changes to our website, which now provides worldwide delivery for all our current and future products, starting with the newly released Jane Austen's Matchmaker: Chapter Two.
Over in R&D, our friends from the ZIIP Gaming Community have been putting our latest project, Blame Space, through its paces. Friendships were tested to the limit in this very NON-cooperative sci-fi successor to the original Game of Blame. Kicking one of your crewmates out of the airlock has never been so much fun!

Blame Space Playtesting
We'll be running updates on Blame Space throughout November on our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as launching the official website very soon.
Until then, have a Happy Hallowe’en and keep on gaming!

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