A Card Game for Starship Shirkers

Blame Space is the fast-paced, mean-spirited, petty-minded, intergalactic card game of survival and irresponsibility for 2-6 players…

When you signed up to the Alliance Space Fleet, you didn’t know you’d be sharing a ship with the biggest douchebags in the galaxy!

And that was just the start of your problems…

Your captain has died – mysteriously. An alien virus has broken out – symptoms unknown. 

Someone has been sabotaging the lifepods and the ship’s computer (PAM) has gone insane. You have to get off this crate!

Before she’ll let you leave, PAM wants to find the traitor and kick them out of the airlock.

The only way to prove your innocence is to blame someone else!

If YOU want to survive, SOMEONE must die!

Character from Blame Space game

Meet the crew

Mitzi knows something about everyone. She can keep a secret like the element francium can keep its sub-atomic integrity.

‘Hard work never killed anyone’ is a maxim that Technician Kim has no intention of testing. His negligence is legendary.

They say you have to be crazy to navigate hyperspace. Ensign Niebieski disagrees. And so do the little blue penguins who live in her head.

Sergeant Ahmar is in charge of security. He also has acute paranoia, anger management issues and irritable bowel syndrome.

Dr Zelen denies that the recent viral outbreak has anything to do with her research into weaponized alien diseases.

Swanson is a rising star of the Alliance Space Fleet even though his last two commanding officers died mysteriously and literally nobody likes him.

Duties Suck!

Duties mean power and responsibility. 

Responsibility can get you killed.

Do your friends think you’re a bit ‘special’? You may have what it takes to pilot through the psychedelic insanity of hyperspace.

If you like boosting team morale by spreading disparaging rumours about your friends, the diplomatic service is for you!

Confining your annoying colleagues to Quarantine is just one of the perks of being a qualified physician. You’re not qualified? Oh well…

Some people are just born to lead. Your colleagues might not like you or respect you… but they’ll have to obey you because rank matters.

Without good order and discipline everything falls apart. If you like throwing useless vermin in the Brig, sign up with S-Corps today!

Do you like fixing things? That’s okay. Do you like the kudos that comes with being the only person who knows how things work? Then you’re an Engineer!

Role Cards in Blame Space

Everybody's got issues!

Issues that match your current Duty are your responsibility. You either need to deflect your Issues onto someone else, keep them a secret or get a new job!

If you show symptoms of the virus – that’s a big issue! Don’t end up in Quarantine with a face full of plague, that’s a guaranteed trip to the airlock.

Sometimes the opportunity to betray everyone will arise. Will you condemn your crewmates to certain death in deep space just to save your own skin?

Blame Space Game

Take the game not the blame!

  • For 2 to 6 players
  • 12+ years
  • Play time 30-90 mins
  • Contains 100 cards & rulebook

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