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Ahoy shipmates!

YOHO (You only Hang Once) is the quick and dirty card game where memory, ruthlessness, and luck are the keys to pirate glory.

You are returning from the high seas with a fortune, but your stolen treasure has gone missing! You can’t trust anyone on this ship of thieves! Can you dodge the blame, frame one of your crewmates and keep the treasure for yourself? Read more here…

The game is available now from our webstore!

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We are open to take your Christmas orders!

MAtchmaker Winter Scene

Our online shop will remain active during the current lockdown and throughout the festive period. We will be maintaining a safe and clean environment for all orders.

Last delivery dates for Christmas are as follows:
Thursday 3 December: Australia, New Zealand
Tuesday 8 December: Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central and South America, Far and Middle East
Thursday 10 December: USA, Canada and Europe
Thursday 17 December: UK and Ireland

* Please note that some delivery services around the world are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. So, please give more time for your order to be delivered than normal. We will still send out items after the deadline dates, but we cannot promise they will be received in time for Christmas.

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Girls just wanna have guns!

Jane Austen’s Revenge is the wickedly dark expansion for Jane Austen’s Matchmaker, coming soon to Kickstarter. Here’s a taste of the mischief to come…

Jane Austen Duel Cards

Sometimes, when two accomplished ladies are vying for the same thing, they must resolve their differences in the time-honoured manner: Pistols at dawn, followed by a leisurely breakfast and a cup of tea.

Duel cards allow you to interact with other players’ characters in a less amicable fashion. The type of Duel determines the outcome for the winner and/or loser.

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Love fast & die young!

Jane Austen’s Revenge is the wickedly dark expansion for Jane Austen’s Matchmaker, coming soon to Kickstarter.

Here’s a taste of the mischief to come…

Syphilis Card Jane Austen

What happens when an STD wipes out your favourite scoundrels and floozies? Your charming and beautiful protegees will be sorely missed and that will cost you prestige!

But if Lucy Steele catches the pox? Not so much.

Turmoil cards like ‘Syphilis’ affect all characters in polite society, so play them with care. Protect your own ladies and gentlemen before making your rivals suffer.

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Would you marry a Bennet?

Solo gaming has become very popular – sometimes you just can’t wait for your friends to come around to your favourite game. 

So, we’ve written single-player rules for Jane Austen’s Matchmaker Chapter Two.

Using the Pride & Prejudice cards, you can now recreate Austen’s most popular story. Maybe this time you’ll find a husband for all five of Mrs Bennet’s daughters – even Mary!

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VERSA Play-testing

Our home city of Lincoln was once a Roman settlement and now the gods have returned! A good night’s ale-quaffing, play-testing and heathen worship at The Plough.

VERSA is the newest addition to the Sabrewolf Games family. Gain divine favour by testing your faith (luck) and powers of observation. The winner earns the Gift of their God.

Coming to Kickstarter soon! 

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